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Mold and VOC Screening

MoldScan TVOCs (Total Volatile Organic Compounds)

The Inspection Company through Prism Analytical Technologies offers a cost-effective screening for your home where the presence of mold is the primary concern. In addition to determining the level of mold contamination, Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs) are also reported. If the TVOC level is low, you have all the data you need. If the TVOC level is high, a full, 350+ compound Air Scan analysis can be requested for an additional charge. There is no need to take another sample and, since you know the TVOC level, you know ahead of time that your Air Scan results will be useful. The added assurance that valuable information will be available if the additional Air Scan analysis is requested gives you the confidence that you need for your home.

Sample Report

Mold ScanPlus™ detects, identifies, and measures Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (MVOCs), produced by active mold growth without visual contact, destructive testing, or microbial sampling.

Unlike mold spores, MVOCs produced by microbial metabolism diffuse through materials and barriers that normally retard the dispersion of mold spores. The presence of MVOCs indicates active mold growth. Mold ScanPlus™ detects twenty-one different MVOCs resulting from mold growth. Ongoing research by Prism Analytical Technologies continues to add to its scientific knowledge database.

Mold ScanPlus™ is firmly established as a rapid detector of hidden, active mold contamination. Mold ScanPlus™ is being used to augment and, in some cases, in place of variable air sampling for cultured mold fungi.

You can schedule to have air samples taken during the home inspection. Results will be available from Prism’s laboratories in 3-5 days. Why not have the peace of mind?

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