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Most home inspection companies don't use a "one-price fits all" pricing structure.  The time to inspect a one-bedroom condominium may only take 2 hours whereas the time to inspect a 10,000 SF estate may take 14 hours.  With this in consideration, pricing varies with size and age of the home.


Additionally, pricing varies widely because there is no state license requirement in Georgia for home inspectors.  The lack of regulation permits anyone to enter the business.  Unqualified inspectors offer discount pricing because they can't compete with their credentials.  If you're considering a low-cost inspection, it is important that you verify certifications, insurance, and experience of the inspector.  A deficient inspection report can be very costly to you after you buy the home.  Our reports are about 40 pages or more.  Discount inspectors often provide reports that are only a few pages.


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